Registration of Ltd. company in Sofia

Registration of Ltd. company in Sofia. Accounting company Mitkov Consult EOOD offers its clients to register their company as EOOD, at a good price of only BGN 189. We will advise you whether this is the best option for registration of your company, we will also discuss the price for registration of the company, as we offer package / subscription service for 12 months or more.

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What we need to know when registering a limited liability company (EOOD)
The option to work for yourself is good and appropriate, are you ready for it? In this case, you will dictate the rules, you will not have to listen to the boss, you will create your own working hours, your own rhythm, when to work, when to rest.

We are here to advise you in the most correct way how to register your company, as Ltd. – a sole proprietorship with limited liability, ET – a sole trader, or a freelancer. If you are more than one partner in the company, you may want to read more about the registration of Ltd.

This is the main goal of our accounting firm – to help you make the right decision so that your business can be successful, growing and profitable.

Why register a company as a Ltd.?

Upon registration of EOOD, the owner of a sole proprietorship with limited liability can be only one person. In this case, you are liable not only as a legal entity but also as an individual – up to the amount of paid-in capital.

It is a common practice for the owner of EOOD to become a manager of the company. If this happens, you can determine your personal income, how much money you will be insured, regardless of the financial result of the company. You and your company are two different entities, two different people.

We are here to help you in the process of registration of Ltd., step by step. We have competent specialists, if necessary, lawyers who help us and together we resolve any case. The procedure is standard and does not take much time and money. There are some successive steps we will take with you.

We will provide you with reasonable deadlines for the implementation of the registration procedure and in the process of action you will receive all the necessary information and guidance.

The choice for registration of Ltd. is good, practice shows that companies are successful when they follow the law and work cleanly. This is a good option to step out of your comfort zone and start your new endeavor.

You are looking for a good accountant for your company, at low prices!

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